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It’s never too early to start thinking about how you can set yourself apart. Here are some ideas.

9th Graders

  • Keep a daily journal. It will develop your personal writing skills, and can help you recall experiences later when you write your essay. (And, it’s a great thing to have!)

  • Volunteer. Consider trying different types of volunteer experiences to see what you like best.

  • Consider extracurriculars. What is something you’re passionate about? Whether it’s a sport or the school paper, now is the time to get involved.

  • Ensure your social media footprint can stand up to any scrutiny from potential college recruiters.

10th Graders

  • Immerse yourself in your extracurriculars and volunteerism. Now that you have discovered what you like most, do more of it!

  • Start thinking about what type of college experience you’d like to have. Are you interested in Greek life? A small school in a rural area? A city campus? This can help shape and narrow down your future college visits.

  • Consider where you can push yourself academically. Are there AP courses or is there an advanced curriculum that can help set you apart during the college application process?

11th Graders

  • Work with UCollege to develop your best list of prospective schools.

  • Hit the road! Use school breaks to visit the top colleges on your list.

  • Start the admissions process.


12th Graders

  • Keep your academics buttoned up, turning in assignments on time.

  • Make smart decisions inside and outside of school to ensure college admissions officials see your best side.

  • Continue making college visits.


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